code of conduct

What do I do if I need help?

If you witness or are subject to unacceptable behavior, please approach any of our volunteers, staff, or security personnel for help. 

Your conversation will be held in confidence. When you come to us with a problem during an event, it is our top priority to help you feel safe as quickly as possible. Then, we will warn or remove the offender depending on the circumstances, taking your and the community’s safety and wishes into account.

MIGS is dedicated to providing a safer space to all its attendees, speakers, staff, and volunteers.
Our policies are designed to promote and enforce this environment, and all persons present at the event are expected to do the same.

MIGS has a no-tolerance policy for any violations of this Code of Conduct which are judged to be severe or repeat offences, and participants who do so will be removed from the event, forfeiting their pass without refund, and will not be permitted to return.

All MIGS participants, guests, staff, and volunteers are expected to abide by this code of conduct.

Expected Behavior

We insist that everyone who uses the space remains mindful of, and takes responsibility for, their speech and behavior.

This includes:

  • Respecting physical and emotional boundaries. Always ask before touching or photographing, and avoid discussing topics that may be offensive or harmful.
  • Not using words that are racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, classist, misogynistic, cissexist or ableist.

Unacceptable Behavior

We do not tolerate offensive behavior, harassment, destructive behavior, or violence.

  • Offensive Behavior: any conduct that demeans, marginalizes, rejects, threatens or harms anyone on the basis of identity, background, or ability.
  • Harassment: deliberate intimidation; stalking; following; harassing photography or recording; disruption of events; aggressive, derogatory, or threatening comments; and unwanted physical contact or sexual attention.
  • Destructive Behavior: damaging or altering any part of the building, inside or out, including furniture, equipment, or other people’s belongings, or any form of violence whatsoever.
  • Violence: Any actions meant to injure another person, or hold or transport them against their will. Such actions will be reported to the police.


Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior by our volunteers, security personnel, or staff is expected to comply immediately. Anyone who engages in sustained unacceptable behavior may be removed from MIGS, and will not receive a refund if so removed.

Diversity and Inclusiveness Statement

MIGS and its community values and recognizes diversity, and defends and builds equitable experiences. We are committed not only to including marginalized voices and bodies, but also to actively fighting racism, sexism, and oppression.

We welcome and advocate for the presence and contributions of all people regardless of their ability, age, body size, cultural background, education, ethnic origin, gender expression, gender identity, immigration status, language, marital status, nationality, physical appearance, political affiliations, race, religion, sexual orientation, sexuality, status as a parent, socioeconomic status, or other such factors.

Prejudice, oppression, and discrimination are detrimental to the health and growth of our community and the individuals who are a part of it. Supporting the visibility of our diverse lives enhances the experiences of all community members. We recognize and honor our differences and vigorously defend the convention as a safer and equitable space.