Québec: A Global Hub of Video Game Production

Investissement Québec International is proud to partner with MIGS, a must-attend event for the Canadian and international video game industries. It is a leading showcase for the homegrown companies that make Québec the world’s third-largest centre of video game production.

MIGS is also a wonderful way to bring together Québec businesses and international players. Some 30 manufacturers from Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia are taking part in the 2023 edition, thanks to the support of Investissement Québec International. The event will also feature a pitch session where seven Québec studios have a chance to present their latest projects to some 40 international publishers.

An effective, diversified and collaborative ecosystem

Québec has built a video game ecosystem that is truly unique in the world, thanks to its sheer size, the diversity of companies that make it up and its culture of collaboration. In the space of 25 years, the province has become the world’s third-largest game production hub, representing nearly 300 studios and 14,500 jobs and taking top spot among Canadian provinces. It’s also the birthplace of such blockbusters as Assassin’s Creed, Batman: Arkham Origins, Deus Ex and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Generous government support speaks to Québec’s desire to continue propelling the video game ecosystem to new heights. Competitive tax incentives, government loans for start-ups and the existing business infrastructure are eloquent examples of that commitment.

Québec’s creative industry is also distinguished by its comprehensive, interconnected ecosystem. The Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec, or Québec video game association, oversees the ecosystem and plays an active role in ensuring its prosperity and high visibility. In addition, numerous organizations support the research, training and growth of industry companies.

For its part, Investissement Québec International facilitates the internationalization of businesses and has a two-way mandate. First, we support homegrown companies looking to expand and diversify their exports. Second, we work to bring international companies that complement our existing ecosystem here to Québec. To fulfil that mission, we maintain an international presence, with teams of experts based at over 30 offices in 20 countries as well as six Canadian cities.

We’re here to help!

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About La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec

La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec is a non-profit cooperative that brings together independent and international video game developers, creators, educational institutions and entrepreneurs in related fields established in Quebec.
A unified voice of more than 300 members and a global leader in this sector, La Guilde is the largest group of its kind in the world.

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