Streamforge: Unleashing the Power of AI in influencer marketing

Streamforge, an AI-driven influencer marketing platform, is on a mission to redefine how games reach their target audience through content creators.

Streamforge provides gaming influencer marketing solutions with proprietary AI-driven technology. Since founding in 2018, Streamforge has managed influencer campaigns for major game developers and publishers notably Gearbox, Focus Entertainment, DotEmu, and Sabotage Studio.

Streamforge’s approach to influencer marketing is distinctive and results-driven. By leveraging billions of data points and AI-driven insights, they empower brands to make the most informed decisions when selecting creators. Their algorithms identify the ideal creators and their communities based on target demographics, engagement metrics, and content relevance. Streamforge’s solutions are designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of influencer marketing. 

Streamforge’s unique utilization of AI makes them stand out from the crowd. They’ve developed an AI that can understand who a streamer is and the content they create. The ‘Ask AI’ feature enables users to ask the AI any question about the content from their campaign. The AI reviews the campaign’s content to generate an insightful answer, justified with contextual links to timestamps in the video, showcasing what the creator said or did that supports the AI’s answer. This is just the beginning of their journey into AI innovation, as they continually release new features.

Despite its popularity, AI is not without its share of criticism. Notably, “AI” is employed as a marketing term that means more or less advanced technology, leading to its overuse and sometimes misuse. Streamforge aims to foster the conversation around its genuine applications, capabilities, and limitations. They’re also committed to delivering real value with their AI by unlocking possibilities that seemed impossible.

The brand new (start) Ask AI (star) Streamforge launched their “Ask AI” feature, a conversational AI to help brands identify key moments in the creators’ associated content. This can help in many ways such as using it to create great content around an activation.

The advantages of Streamforge’s solutions

Expertise and Industry Knowledge With a deep understanding of the gaming culture and influencer landscape, Streamforge can help identify the right creators for your brand.

Negotiation, contracts, and payment Through our constant communication with creators and our automation systems, Streamforge takes care of negotiations and contracts.

Compliance and Disclosure Contracting through Streamforge helps avoid potential legal issues around influencer regulations.

Scalability Streamforge tailors its solution to suit small campaigns to large-scale marketing efforts. 

Improved Creator and Audience Targeting Streamforge’s solution provides transparent data on creators’ performance and audience, including first-party data, which can help in informed decision-making.

Risk mitigations Partnering with creators is not without risk, but Streamforge’s processes address and help mitigate those risks such as identifying backup options. Predictive data can also reduce risk associated with fluctuating creators’ results when doing a paid partnership.

Time-Saving Streamforge serves as an end-to-end solution, from influencer discovery to managing the entire campaign, saving brands much time. The platform also offers centralized information and a generative AI that describes the creators to save time on building a deck for internal presentation.

Better results With improved creator and audience targeting, campaigns with Streamforge usually enhance their results with amplified campaign reach and better ROI.

Measurement and Reporting Streamforge provides detailed reports with metrics and insights that brands can’t find.

Streamforge has a unique approach to AI implementation and dedication to staying ahead of the curve. There are many more features and benefits to work with Streamforge. Discover how they can uplift your marketing strategies and stay tuned for their upcoming AI innovations that promise to shape the future of influencer marketing.


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