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Montreal International Game Summit

La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec, in partnership with XP Gaming, is pleased to announce the return of MIGS at the Marché Bonsecours from November 8th to 9th for the 2023 edition!

For their 20th anniversary edition, MIGS will solely focus on Business to Business (B2B) opportunities, further developing Québec and Canada’s video game industry through global networking opportunities, world-class speakers, and a B2B exhibit space.

b2b video game conference


350 Rue Saint-Paul E Montréal, Québec


november 8-9, 2023

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La Guide du jeu vidéo du Québec is a non-profit cooperative that brings together independent and international video game developers, creators, educational institutions and entrepreneurs in related fields based in Quebec. It organizes the MIGS event annualy, the flagship event for our industry. La Guilde is the world’s leading video game industry association with over 300 members and is the largest of its kind in the world.

XP Gaming connects the global video game industry for business, recruitment and education.

Through world class B2B conferences, XP Gaming brings businesses, investors and subject matter experts together to foster new industry opportunities. Using their proprietary employment platform, and Career Day events they drive recruitment initiatives that connect recruiters with job seekers. And through their education initiatives they help future professionals understand their career prospects and post-secondary academic options.


MIGS 2023 will feature B2B networking opportunities, panels & masterclasses, and a B2B exhibit space.


Develop new business opportunities.


Hear from industry leaders on the latest trends.


Find new tools and business services in the B2B exhibit space.



Nov 8

10:00AM - Welcome Remarks


  • Jean-Jacques Hermans, Executive Director at La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec
  • Jason Lepine, Founder & CEO at XP Gaming


Join La Guilde and XP Gaming for MIGS’ welcoming remarks and a reflection on MIGS’ 20th anniversary. La Guilde will present a brief state of Quebec’s gaming industry to kick off the day’s programming.

Moderator: Shum Singh, Founder & Managing Director at Agnitio Capital


  • David Dropsy, Partner at Grandpre Chait
  • Marc Alloul, Game Entrepreneur & Investor
  • Jakob Longer


There’s been no shortage of news around studio mergers and acquisitions over the last few years. These deals will significantly change how our industry looks and operates 5-10 years from now and will impact how games are made. Should your studio play to this strategy and if so, how should you do it? Our panel of experts will discuss the active landscape of gaming’s M&A scene and share their insights through the deals they took part in.

Moderator: Brigitte Monneau, General Director at Pole SYNTHESE


  • Christopher Chancey, President & CEO at Manavoid Entertainment
  • Christian Beauchesne, Acting Director, École NAD-UQAC
  • Simon Delamarre – Director, Continuing Education, Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne
  • Christina Tzournavelis – Advisor, Talent Development,Ubisoft Montréal

The video game industry is currently facing a talent shortage, particularly in supervisory positions. What initiatives are companies putting in place to promote career paths into these positions? How can higher education institutions support companies and the ecosystem in training this sought-after workforce? And how can we work together to find solutions? We’ll discuss these questions with our 4 experts.

Moderator: Victoria Evans, Senior Advisor at Interactive Ontario


  • Luc Duchaine, VP Marketing at Behaviour Interactive
  • Osama Dorias, Lead Gameplay Designer at Brass Lion Entertainment
  • Tanya Short, Creative Director at Kitfox Games


In the dynamic world of gaming, Intellectual Property (IP) has become the cornerstone of innovation, storytelling, and market success. Join us for a captivating exploration of the strategies, trends, and creative approaches that will define the future of gaming IP in 2024 and beyond. This panel brings together experts from various facets of the gaming industry to shed light on the art and science of crafting and expanding gaming IPs.

This workshop is designed to share actionable solutions that can be implemented in response to the shortage of supervisors and encourage participants to reflect on what can be done/bolstered/dropped so as to lay the groundwork for an action plan on supervisor training. To find out more and register, contact Albane Français.

Presenter: Stephanie Marchand, VP Production at Behaviour Interactive

Why is a studio like Behaviour Interactive, Canada’s largest developer, still independent after 30 years? What has their strategy been through these decades? What are the challenges and opportunities that come with being independent? To answer those questions and more, Stephanie Marchand, VP of Production at Behaviour, will look at Behaviour’s successful, strategic balance of both publishing and services business, covering key elements of their culture that allows them to remain and thrive; and consider how the strategic plan for their partners, investments and M&A impacts their future.

Moderator: Vahe Vardanyan, Scientific Director at CDRIN


  • Andy Mauro, Co-founder & CEO at Storycraft
  • Xavier Constantin, Co-founder & CEO at Streamforge
  • Stephanie Bouchard


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a prevailing trend, and despite the hype, it’s clear that AI will integrate into our daily workflows. Our expert panel delves into how studios can adopt AI tools for enhanced productivity while ensuring they are developed ethically.

Moderator: Pierre Moisan, CEO at PR Moisan Creative Consulting


  • Nicolas Liorzou, Chief Shared Services Officer at Keywords
  • Jean-Philippe Pinsonneault, Technical Director at Triple Boris
  • Laura Fraticcelli, External Development Manager at EA Motive

It’s vital that studios understand their core production identity and as they find the path that works for them, they’re options will involve original or branded IP, service work, outsourcing, or a mix of any of them.With the myriad of options available, each with their own challenges, what strategy do you pursue? Leverage service work to fund your original IP, or foster growth with an eye to acquisition? When does outsourcing make the most sense? How do you find the optimal ratio?

Join our panel of expertises that include a AAA studio, one of the largest service providers in the world, and an indie studio, as they consider the range of strategies available to studios as they define their core production identity and future business model.

Nov 9

10:00AM - Financing your ambitions: Navigate the new reality

Moderator: Marwan Bitar, Founder Partner at Innoprofit


  • Janine Steele, Director, Interactive Digital Media at CMF
  • Snow Rui, President & CFO at Hooded Horse
  • Brigitte Leblanc, Associate VP Canada & International at National Bank


For indie game studios, securing the right funding can make the difference between realising ambitious projects and staying in the realm of dreams. In this enlightening panel, we bring together financial experts to explore the diverse landscape of funding strategies available to indie studios in the ever-evolving gaming industry. From venture capital to publisher funding, grants, debt financing, and beyond, we’ll unravel the intricate web of possibilities that will empower indie developers to bring their visions to life.

Moderator: Julien Coll, Co-director Operations, CDRIN


  • Frederic Robichaud, CTO at Gearbox
  • Philippe Couillard, CAE
  • Dominique Lebel, Behaviour Interactive


The video game industry is a constantly evolving field, which needs to adapt to the needs and desires of players, as well as to technological advances. To innovate, some players in the video game industry are exploring cross-industry networking, i.e. collaborating with partners from other sectors. In this presentation, we’ll look at how cross-industry networking manifests itself in the video game sector, the benefits and challenges it entails, and concrete examples of innovative projects that have resulted from these collaborations. In this way, we hope to show you that cross-sector networking is a vector for innovation in the video game sector, and that it opens up new prospects for the future of this field.

Presenter: Chloe Giusti, ID@Xbox

This presentation will highlight the practical and easy steps to bringing your title to Xbox platforms and highlight partnership programs and opportunities.

Presenter: Matthieu Dupont, Studio Head at Gameloft Montreal

For over 20 years, Gameloft Montreal has defined itself as one of Quebec’s largest mobile-gaming studio. In 2019, the studio took a big risk to transform the team and launch their first PC/Console game, Disney Dreamlight Valley. In this talk, studio head Matthieu Dupont will share why the studio decided to take on this risk, what challenges were encountered and ultimately what key lessons were learned.

Moderator: John Nguyen, Xsolla


  • Maxime Vezina, CEO at Bold Spirit Games
  • Ghislain de Pessemier, Co-founder at Outerminds
  • Antoine Bordeleau


Landing a publishing deal has always been a tall order for Indie developers.  Coupled with the trend towards direct to consumer distribution of digital entertainment, the availability of solutions and knowledge has enticed more and more game developers to turn to self-publishing.  

Come hear our panelists share their experiences, perspectives and insights into the exciting opportunities that self-publishing offers.

Moderator: Chantal Castonguay, Director of Culture & Development at EA Motive


  • Michael Chan, Head of People & Operations at Compulsion Games
  • Jay Acevedo, Strategic Operations Director at Brass Lion Entertainment
  • Kim Belair, CEO at Sweet Baby Inc.
  • Dahlia Jiwan, Co-founder at Elance

In an industry fueled by creativity and innovation, the heartbeat of every game studio is its people. This panel unites industry visionaries, studio founders, and HR experts to explore the principles and practices that prioritise the well-being, growth, and diversity of the talent behind successful game development.

Moderator: Pierre Moisan, CEO at PR Moisan Creative Consulting


  • Michael Rodrigues, General Manager at PleaseFix
  • Stewart Chisam, CEO at RallyHere
  • Rosemarie Sarno, Community Developer at Red Barrels
  • Claire Llewellyn, Marketing Lead at Gameloft Montreal

In the era of Games as a Service (GaaS), creating and sustaining a thriving community is the linchpin of success. This panel brings together thought leaders, community managers, and industry experts to delve into the strategies, tools, and best practices required to support, engage, and grow a loyal community around your gaming service.

Moderator: Jason Della Rocca


  • Andréane Meunier, Head of Studio / Chef de Studio –  Rovio Montréal
  • Christopher Chancey, President & CEO at Manavoid Entertainment


The Quebec video game industry has long been a hub of innovation, creativity, and economic growth. As we stand at the crossroads of the future, this panel assembles industry pioneers, visionaries, and trendsetters to envision the path forward for one of the world’s most influential gaming regions. Join us for an exploration of the trends, opportunities, and challenges that will shape the future of the Quebec video game industry.


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